Versalles has quickly become THE hottest neighborhood for all things food. From cozy little breakfast and brunch spots to pork belly tacos and candle-lit dinners, Versalles has it all in terms of high-quality dining.

Back in 2015, Versalles was a strictly residential neighborhood that was neither here nor there. It wasn’t until the opening of Barrio Bistro by Memo Wulff, that Versalles started to gain momentum and recognition. After Barrio Bistro’s game-changing opening, restaurants starting popping up like never before, putting Versalles on the map for both locals and vacationers. What were once dirt roads and decaying cobblestone streets have now turned into well paved roads and clean sidewalks. The neighborhood is changing, becoming one of the hottest hotspots in Vallarta.

This change is deep-rooted in the restaurant business and the foodie paradise that has been curated. You can find virtually every and any craving here. From Greek food to Thai, and everything in between, there is nothing that Versalles doesn’t offer. The classic taco stands that have stood there for years still stand tall and proud, the staples of the Versalles gastronomy experience. Food tours, such as Mexican Culinary Experience Food Tours, have started flooding the streets of Versalles, offering a fantastic way to try it all while learning the history of each dish. This is only the beginning; with restaurants popping up daily, (yes, daily! Every time I drive through Versalles, I can’t help but notice a new spot) Versalles is only just getting started. Give it a couple more years, and Versalles will be absolutely booming. Not only in terms of high quality dining and restaurant service, but nightlife as well.

Versalles is now well known for it’s breakfast and brunch with places like Cha and Miscelenea at the head of the pack. Cha is everyone’s favorite; there is already a line to get in when they open at 9am. The French toast is seriously out of this world, while their more salty options like chilaquiles, exceed any and all expectations. Locals and vacationers rave about Cha and chef Mario Borja, who opened Cha back in October of 2019. Always bustling and full of people, Cha is an upbeat gem truly unique to Versalles.

Miscelenea is another fantastic breakfast or brunch option. It’s quiet, tranquil vibe creates an inviting atmosphere and the perfect place to unwind and get some much needed work done. Originally from Sayulita, Miscelenea had a location in downtown Vallarta until opening their Versalles doors back in September of 2020. We see this trend time and time again, where restaurants that were once located in Old Town or Downtown Vallarta have moved to Versalles.

Google search Versalles, Puerto Vallarta and you will be flooded with articles on which restaurants to try, the top 10 restaurants of Versalles, and so on and so forth. Versalles is absolutely THE center of gastronomical activity in Puerto Vallarta. Living in Versalles is single-handedly the best option in terms of being where all the relevant action is. Walking out of Venecia, you will find yourself surrounded by dozens of high quality dining options. It simply doesn’t get better than that. And if the restaurant market is sky-rocketing, that can only mean one thing for the real estate of Versalles.