As we’re sure you’ve read by know, Venecia Palm Springs offers residents incredible condominiums at affordable prices, in an up-and-coming neighborhood that brings with it unbelievable gastronomic experiences and convenience services unparalleled in any other neighborhood of Puerto Vallarta.

But just when you thought Venecia Palm Springs couldn’t get any better….we’re talking to you now about its proximity to the beach. While Versalles is a neighborhood smack in the middle between the Romantic Zone and Marina Vallarta, it is also right across the main road from the Hotel Zone. The Hotel Zone is home to resort developments, Puerto Vallarta’s first hotels, high-end condominiums, and of course, beautiful beaches.

With the Hotel Zone only a short walk away from Venecia Palm Springs, getting your dose of vitamin D and beach-side relaxation is incredibly easy and do-able. Access is possible right next to La Isla Shopping Mall. A hair north of their main entrance, La Isla has an outdoor parking lot. To get to the beach, you just need to follow the outdoor parking lot until the end, and you will hit the beach! And wait—it gets better! You can walk along the beach until you hit the Malecón in downtown Vallarta or you can walk North up towards the Marina. Morning, or even sunset walks on the beach are absolutely priceless here in Puerto Vallarta and this could very easily become your new routine if Venecia Palm Springs is your next home. With the beach not more than a ten-minute walk away, Venecia Palm Springs just got even more attractive. This incredibly easy and quick way to get to the beach is just one of the many perks of Versalles living, and in particular Venecia Palm Springs living.

La Isla Shopping Mall is an upscale outdoor mall with stores such as H & M, Forever 21, Hugo Boss, and Birkenstock, to name a few. Little boutiques, such as Belen del Mar, feature local brands unique to the Banderas Bay. La Isla also has fast food options, such as Starbucks, Häagen Dazs ice cream, and others. There’s even a VIP movie theater, featuring dine-in service and reclinable chairs. La Isla is the highest end shopping mall is the Banderas Bay, and is frequented daily by visitors and residents alike. This mall is a favorite among locals. While it is in the front yard of the residents and visitors of the Hotel Zone, it is in the backyard of Versalles residents, as it is only a 10-minute walk from Venecia Palm Springs.

Across from La Isla shopping mall, is a strip of high-end dining options that are adored by both visitors and residents of the Hotel Zone. La Vaca Argentina, Dolce Vita, and Ocho Tostadas are just across the road from La Isla shopping mall and offer passers-by an incredible dining experience. There is also La Santa night-club, and its sister club, Dorothy, for those who enjoy a lively nightlife scene. Across the street from La Isla and this strip of high-end dining is an empty lot that at least twice a year is turned into a carnival, complete with rides, from rollercoasters to Ferris wheels. This amusement park is all the rage and is just another fantastic display of what kind of events often take place in the ever so popular Hotel Zone.

Not only is Venecia Palm Springs walking distance to the beach, but residents can enjoy all of the amenities that the neighborhood of the Hotel Zone has to offer. From La Isla shopping mall to its strip of high-end and delicious dining options, Venecia Palm Springs is simply the best and affordable living option in town!