Versalles is a neighborhood unlike any other in Puerto Vallarta. Home to an unbelievable gastronomic route, bars, and shops, Versalles stands out as one of the hottest places to be right now in Puerto Vallarta. And we see this being reflected in Real Estate sales; simply everyone is buying in Versalles! But, did you know this about Versalles?

Versalles is one of the most convenient neighborhoods, and daily, residents from all over Puerto Vallarta stop by to either pick up groceries, shop at Plaza Caracol, or simply dine at their favorite restaurant. It is impossible to overlook the numerous convenience services Versalles offers residents and guests. From supermarkets to medical centers, Versalles has everything you could want in terms of convenience. And the most fantastic part? They are all walking distance from each other. Everything in Versalles is extremely close, allowing for residents to walk to whatever destination they seek. And of course, if you decide to drive, you can expect to spend no more than 5 minutes maximum in your car. With plenty of places to park, driving is another fantastic option. What convenience services in particular does Versalles have? Costco, La Comer, Plaza Caracol, and the Los Mangos Library, to name a few. No other area in Puerto Vallarta can offer residents these services at such close proximity, making Venecia Palm Springs an even more attractive option.

Costco, as most of us know, offers clients the capability to buy in bulk without having to spend a fortune. Surrounding restaurants and residents alike shop at Costco daily, and having it so nearby is an absolute necessity. Having the ability to walk to Costco is something most residents of Vallarta could only dream of. Other great features of Costco are their tire shop, pharmacy, and optical center. This is a total game-changer, as Costco can truly be your one stop shop. 

La Comer is Puerto Vallarta’s premiere supermarket and blows the competition out of the water in almost every way possible. You can expect to find an imported goods section, a gourmet section, and food fit for any diet (they have vegan cheese!). La Comer is the Lamborghini of supermarkets, and residents of Versalles are fortunate enough to have it within walking distance. Within La Comer, there is also a little café, perfect for bringing your laptop to knock out some work or to grab a quick coffee while  shopping.

Plaza Caracol, one of Puerto Vallarta’s busiest shopping malls, is frequented by both locals of Puerto Vallarta and residents of Versalles. Such close to proximity to Plaza Caracol has its perks! Fast foods spots such as McDonalds and little luncherías, as well as the Mega Soriana supermarket and famous Lans department store, Plaza Caracol offers residents of Versalles an incredible shopping mall that is walking distance from Venecia Palm Springs.

As if Versalles couldn’t get any better in terms of the convenience services offered, there is also the Los Mangos Library, offering educational services and resources for children and adults alike. Looking for a new read, or to have your children explore the wonderful world of books? Head over to Los Mangos Library, a short walk from Venecia Palm Springs.

Just when we thought Venecia Palm Springs couldn’t get any better, the convenience services Versalles offers residents is unparalleled to any other neighborhood in Puerto Vallarta. Having La Comer, Costco, Plaza Caracol, and Los Mangos Library, just to name a few, in walking distance is every Vallartan’s dream. This is a feature absolutely unique to the area of Versalles, and no other neighborhood in Vallarta can offer these convenience resources. Live the Versalles lifestyle, only in Venecia Palm Springs.