Versalles, which was once strictly residential, has now become the most up and coming neighborhood in Vallarta. Home to dozens of new restaurants that locals and tourists alike are raving about, Versalles is the new place to be. As I like to say, it’s the Brooklyn of Vallarta.

When Memo Wulff first opened Barrio Bistro in 2015, Versalles was an area with little movement. Off the main drag but close enough to the action, it was a strictly residential neighborhood only frequented by locals. After Barrio Bistros opening, slowly but surely more restaurants starting popping up. And now it is absolutely THE place to go for all things food in Vallarta. Barrio Bistro paved the way for dozens of new restaurants, sparking a gastronomic movement and experience that is unparalleled. Now, in 2021, Versalles has become one of the hottest and trendiest neighborhoods. With development after development going up, more people are moving to Versalles than ever before. Its gastronomical experience and little shops is what sets it apart. Whether you’re looking for a coffee shop, a brunch spot, a candlelit dinner, or a hip bar to get your Raicilla on, Versalles absolutely has it all.

And when I say all, I mean all! Its close proximity to the beach make it an ideal location. And not to mention, Costco, La Comer and Plaza Caracol are right around the corner. While Versalles is close to everything, it is cozily removed from the busy city streets and main avenue. Versalles is truly where quaint meets cool.

Beautiful and modern developments like Venecia are critical to the growth of Versalles, and offer a breath of fresh air to the already existing architecture. Not only are they an incredible investment opportunity for those looking to rent out to vacationers, but they also serve as wonderful homes. From the rooftop pool, to spacious garden area, Venecia is the best place to buy in Versalles right now, and with only 18 units, you will find yourself in a quiet housing environment that dovetails with the calm streets of Venecia and Palm Springs.

No other area in Puerto Vallarta offers the unique tastes and vast options of flavors that Versalles does, nor the close proximity to essentially everything you could ever need in Vallarta. If you are thinking of moving to Puerto Vallarta and can’t decide which neighborhood to buy in, Versalles could be your place! And remember, it is only just beginning to develop.