The up and coming neighborhood of Versalles is seeing a spike in real estate sales and interest. Renters and buyers alike are relocating to Versalles due to not only its location and pricing, but because it is seeing tremendous growth in restaurant, bar and boutique openings. The time to buy in Versalles is now!

Back in the early 2000s, Williamsburg was an up-and-coming neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. Those who bought real estate in Williamsburg around that time were some smart buyers because in the span of ten years, their property values not only doubled, then tripled, but quadrupled. The reason for this value increase was due to the gentrification of Williamsburg, it quickly became the place to be in New York City. While most neighborhoods in Manhattan had already gentrified, Williamsburg became the first neighborhood to really grab people’s attention in Brooklyn. This shift in neighborhood expansion and popularity greatly impacted the real estate market of Williamsburg, a market in which we saw a tremendous increase. Ok, but how is this relevant to Puerto Vallarta? How is this relevant to the neighborhood of Versalles?

Versalles is an absolute up-and-coming neighborhood in Puerto Vallarta that in a few years will be one of the most popular places in live. From restaurants and bars to convenience stores and little boutiques, Versalles has it all and more. Centrally located, a 10 min drive from both the Romantic Zone and the Marina, Versalles is both quiet and full of action. Its residential nature offers comfort and peace while its lively restaurant scene makes for a fun filled neighborhood you’ll never have to  or want to leave. And with Costco and La Comer right around the corner, Vallarta’s top grocery/wholesale stores, you don’t have to travel far to get everyday necessities.

Versalles is a lot like Williamsburg, Brooklyn in this sense, it is just about to take off as one of the hot spots in Puerto Vallarta, so investing in property now is one of the biggest favors you can do for yourself as a buyer. You don’t want to look back in 10 years and realize you could have quadrupled the value of your property. The growth of Versalles in inevitable, and it will only continue to get more and more popular. We are beginning to see more openings of restaurants and storefronts, and of course more building of condominiums. Versalles is seriously one of the most developing neighborhoods in Puerto Vallarta.

Buying in Versalles is not expensive….yet. Here is where Venecia Palm Springs comes into play. Beautiful, sleek and luxurious Venecia Palm Springs is a new development exclusively listed by Coldwell Banker La Costa Realty. This 6-story building with 18 units is located right at the entrance of Versalles, where of course a lot of growth is being seen. You will find yourself centrally located while having the quiet and calm of a residential area. Venecia is your opportunity to buy in Versalles at an extremely low cost. With units starting at $163,363 USD, Venecia is extremely budget friendly, and in terms of investment, you can expect for this price to quadruple over the next few years.

Venecia also offers buyers an incredible rental opportunity. Don’t live in Puerto Vallarta year-round and want to use your property as a means of income? Versalles is an extremely popular rental area and with Coldwell Banker La Costa’s new rental department, you will be offered excellent rental options and opportunities for your property. Your Versalles purchase at Venecia Palm Spring is an incredible investment opportunity you simply should not miss! Property values in Versalles will only continue to increase, so why not get ahead of the pack? Buy today, your home at Venecia Palm Springs is waiting for you.